6 apps to help you set, stick to, and reach your goals

6 apps to help you set, stick to, and reach your goals

Experts agree that the key to sticking with and ultimately achieving your goals is accountability. 

That’s precisely where goal and habit tracking apps can come in handy.  

When we make new choices to achieve a new outcome, “we are effectively changing our brain patterns that have been engraved over many years,” explains Angie Swartz, a life coach and executive business coach, and the founder of Life Purpose Advisor. 

“We not only need to look at what we want, but also at what’s blocking us from already having those things, as well as the triggers that keep us going back to the safe, [familiar] ways we’ve always done things.”  

Beyond providing reliable accountability, Swartz adds that using an app helps “highlight an upward trajectory, giving us motivation to keep going.” There’s nothing like seeing your progress to get you pumped to keep going. So, whether you need a little tough love or you need to see the data, try one of these great habit-tracking apps.

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